'30's Gibson Ads

October, 1938.
March, 1939.
Paul Douglas, along with many 30's Stars, including Les Paul, endorsing Chesterfield Cigarettes.....times have changed just a tiny bit!
Fred Waring, along with many other '30's Stars endorsing Chesterfield Cigarettes.
Some of the mid-'30's 'Greats' endorsing Chesterfield Cigarettes.
Mid '30's Les Paul Trio (yes, that's Les in the top left corner) advertising Chesterfield Cigarettes.
Late '30's, '38/'39.
Late '30's, '38/'39.
1939, Gibson's new Blonde L-5.
Late '30's ad showing the 'newer/older' '34/'35 designed L-5 with the very simple engraved tailpiece.
Late '30's Electraharp ad.
Late '30's Gibson Electraharp ad.