Collection of prewar Gibson catalogs

This Gibson collection which I am presenting, has been collected over a very long time. All of the dates and material have been backed up with evidentual facts from my actual prewar Gibson catalogs and printed materials. I have however, used several references that are excellent reading and will expand anyone's knowledge of this important Gibson time-period. The following references, along with authentic materials were consulted in order to validate this website's content:


'Guitar Identification A Reference Guide to Serial Numbers for Dating the Guitars Made by Gibson, Fender, Gretsch and Martin & Co.' by A.R. Duchossoir, 1999


'Spann's Guide To Gibson 1902-1941' by Joseph E. Spann, 2011


'Gibson Electrics The Classic Years An Illustrated History from the Mid-'30's to the Mid-'60's' by A.R. Duchossoir, 1998


'Gibson Electric Steel Guitars 1935-1967' by A.R. Duchossoir, 2009


'The Gibson Super 400 Art of the Fine Guitar' by Thomas A. Van Hoose, 1991


'Gibson Guitars 100 Years Of An American Icon' by Walter Carter, 1994

prewargibsonl-5  Here is a wonderful site dedicated to the Gibosn L-5 and great Gibson history. 


Special Thanks for the contributions and the Gibson details that I have needed throughout building this site:


-Lynn Wheelwright

-A.R. Duchossoir

-Joeseph E. Spann