Gibson Instruments Early 1900's

1915 Gibson Style U Harp Guitar
Top caption quote from 1909 Catalog F, reprinted in 1935 Catalog W

Articles written above and below, come out of Gibson's 1935 Catalog W. The articles focus on the early quality of Gibson's guitar manufacturing techniques that came from the company's inception in the early 1900's. 

The above article mentions the Gibson L3, a very simple, yet methodically built guitar that began its journey in the early 1900's and influenced a plethora of archtop guitars to come.

The above and below articles are taken from 1935 Gibson Catalog W which can be found in the prewar catalog section of this site.

Although this page is intended for the introduction of early Gibson's 1900's instruments, it is interesting to point out that these articles from 1935 Catalog W, boast about the quality and craftsmanship that started 30 years earlier and kept up throughout the evolution of gibson instruments.