Gibson 1935-'36 E(H)-150 Amp 1st Gen/2nd Series

This E(H)-150 model is a highly sought after, rarely seen model that is confused by the actual 1st generation E(H)-150. Please see

Gibson 1935 E(H)-150 1st Gen. Amp 

The main difference in appearance the 1st gen. amp has a large house-fuse in the lower left corner and a rather large power transformer. Please see photo below. Other than that, the 1st gen. first and 2nd series amps are very similar.

This photo illustrates the Gibson 1935 1st Gen. Amp 1st Series. Note the large power power transformer and house-fuse. Also, these first pieces had built-in storage for the power cord.
1936 Catalog X. Note that because the 1st generation EH 150 amplifier made such a brief appearance, the above photo displays a 2nd generation EH-150 amp and (ironically) a 1st run prototype EH-150 lapsteel.
Above would be the correct image which matches the photo from 1936 Catalog X.
Gibson's very first electrics....the metal body EH 150's along with the 1st generation EH 150 amps. 1936's Catalog X.
The all new 1935 Super 400 pictured with a 1936 maple body EH 150 and a 1st generation EH 150 amp. 1936 Catalog X.
Very simple insides....4 tubes, 2 inputs, one light, one on/off switch, 1 power cord and a fuse.
10" field coil previously used by Rickenbacher. Serial #2265 penciled in on the magnet cover....all original parts.
Note the penciled in arrow pointing up on the middle of the magnet cover.
Shielding for the 6A6 preamp in the front right corner.
Two 6F6's mounted diagonally for the power.
Rare glimpse of the 1935 metal body EH150 clearly being played through a 1st generation EH150 amp. 1936 Catalog X.
Back cover.
Warning label with penciled in serial #2265 on back cover.
A maple body EH150 being played through most likely a 1st generation EH150 amp. Considering the 1935 Super 400 pictured is brand new with the ribbon, this would make the amp most likely a 1st generation. 1936 Catalog X.
Playing a 1935 Advanced Model L-5 with his EH-150 amplifier and EH-150. 1937 Catalog Y.
1937 Catalog Y.