Gibson's First Strings

Gibson strings. First appearance was in 1910's Gibson Catalog. Note the packaging mentions only the Mandolin, Mandola, Mando-Cello and Guitar. No mention of banjos until the 1920's.
Gibson string boxes. Found in an estate sale around Kalamazoo, MI. A very large lot early period strings, perhaps owned by a Gibson Agent circa 1910-1919.
These boxes are very large and tower over the conventional string box containers.
Box left dates from the 1920's (note the label includes banjos). Box right is older and dates to the the mid-teens.
One box bears a shipping label from Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Co., Kalamazoo, Mich. Due to the large quantity of strings in this package, Miles Canhouse may have been a Gibson agent, which was very common at the time.
Dividers found inside of the string boxes for separation of string type.


Strings in quantity were packaged together and tied with silk string. The pictured bundle has not been separated for nearly 100 years.
A or 2nd Mandolin, Mandolin-Banjo strings.
No. 178 Mandolin A or 2nd.
No. 178 A or 2nd. Mandolin, Mandolin-Banjo, silvered steel.
E or 1st Mandolin, Mandolin-Banjo.
No. 229 Guitar or 6th Comp.
No. 228 Guitar A or 5th.
No. 228 Guitar A or 5th Comp.
No. 227 Guitar D or 4th.
No. 227 Guitar D or 4th Comp.
No. 220 Guitar G or 3rd Comp.
No. 214 Guitar or Guitar Banjo, G or 3rd.
No. 215 Guitar or Guitar Banjo B or 2nd, Tenor Banjo D or 2nd.
No. 212 Guitar E or 1st, Guitar-Banjo E or 1st, Tenor-Banjo A or 1st.
No. 212 Guitar. The Gibson hand-stamped and smudged.
No. 181 Mandolin G or 4th, Mandolin-Banjo G or 4th.
No. 180 Mandolin D or 3rd, Mandolin-Banjo D or 3rd.
No. 178 Mandolin A or 2nd.
No. 178 Mandolin A or 2nd.
No. 178 Mandolin A or 2nd, Mandolin-Banjo A or 2nd.
No. 177 Mandolin E or 1st.
No. 177 Mandolin E or 1st, Mandolin-Banjo E or 1st.

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No. 181 Mandolin G or 4th Spun.