Gibson 1935/37 E-150

Gibson E-150 with two shipping dates, according to Lynn Wheelwright...DEC 20, 1935 & APR 21, 1937. Thus the caption 1935/37 E-150.
Gibson 1935 E-150 (lft) & 1935/37 E-150 (rt)

Both E-150 bodies are pretty much the same, but there are two differences with mine.

The first noted is that the 1935/37 piece has 4 Grover G-98 tuners, 1 G-93 and 1 post war Waverly tuner. 

The second difference is that the 'Gibson' script was removed sometime in the past (the old owner probably accidently polished it right off) and was replaced with a very similar script decal.

These pieces are tough to come by, thus, I am ok with it. 

You can view my other '35 E-150 by clicking here 1935 E-150.

For those viewer who really want to see the in-and-outs of these beautiful pieces, this page will display many great angles....enjoy!

Since the first E-150 was cast aluminum, the bodies are almost identical.
First documentation in the shipping ledgers from Gibson show this piece was shipped on December 20, 1935.
2nd Gibson ledger documentation.

According to Lynn Wheelwright, this E-150 has two shipping dates in the ledgers. On December 20, 1935 it was shipped to Fred Walker owner of Walker Music in Baltimore. It appears that it was shipped back, perhaps for repairs and sat in the Gibson factory for some 16 months, where it was reshipped with EH-150 amp #1319, to Charlotte Ash on April 21, 1937.

Tone-generator mounted to a FON stamped, cast-aluminum back-plate.
Note that after the aluminum bodies and back plates were cast at the foundry, FON's (219) were stamped on the heel, back-plate and back-plate lip. This was most likely to ensure a perfect fit, as these were cast simultaneously.

Inside of the solid, cast-aluminum body

The indentation towards the top is where the neck joins the body. The sort-of hole is an open space where the fret-board passes over.
Wiring for the tone/volume pots(lft/rt). The hole in the center is perfectly cast-formed for the black bobbin of the pickup to pass through.
Bar pickup for an EH-100 (lft) next to the E-150 pickup (rt). Note the steel blade on the right is notched and the blade on the left is solid.
Four screws attach two thick magnets to a brass plate, a blade is attached via two screws to the magnets and a wire-wound bobbin tops it off to create a 'sound-generator' or pickup.
Customary of early E/EH's, four mounting screws with springs would pass through the back plate of the instrument to the brass plate. With a simple twist of the four screws, the pickup could be raised/lowered for better tone(we use pole pieces today).
Three screw-holes drilled into the cast-aluminum body are present to secure the bridge.
Four G-98's, one G-93 and a Waverly tuner came with this E-150. Two early bakelite knobs and a cast aluminum bridge are all parts necessary to outfit an E/EH-150. It wouldn't hurt to have six strings, as well.
Note the vtg correct Gibson script on the 1935 E-150 (lft) and the decal script on the 1935/37 E-150 (rt).