Gibson 1940 EM-100 Electric Mandolin

Gibson 1940 EM-100 (lft) & 1939 EM-100 (rt)
According to Lynn Wheelwright, this EM-100, FON FGE2573 shipped 3-28-1940 to Wittich's.
Mastertone's August 1930 issue features Wittich's store display of Heading, PA.
Screen-print Gibson logo and original late 1930's Kluson strip tuners featured on this EM-100's head.
Although the EM-150 was featured in Gibson's 1937 Y, the EM-100 was never mentioned until 1938's Catalog Z.
The EM-100 is only mentioned on the bottom of the page of 1937's Catalog Y.
Kluson strip tuners with rare heads of translucent 'plastic' that was used briefly in the late 1930's.
Gibson 1939 Catalog AA
Only Gibson's 1939 Catalog AA features the Gibson EM-100
Gibson 1939 & 1940 EM-100's.
Beautiful maple rims, even for an EM-100 instrument.
Note the outside black edges of the bobbin. The bar pickup was the same as the EM-150, but just 'dressed-down' to fit into a more 'budget' class.
Note the plain tailpiece with no 'The Gibson' inscription.
Note the very simple bracket that holds the pickguard in place. The octagonal knobs and no-frills appointments make this piece one of Gibson's classic 'budget' models.
Original binding, neck joint, frets and pickguard.