Post War Ads With Prewar instruments

August 1947 publication. Charlie Christian playing a 1940 Blonde L-5.
February 1946. Oscar Moore plays his electrified 1939/'40 blonde L-5 (this is not the famous Gibson ES-250 model).
Published in February of 1946. Candid shot of Les Brown's band. Note the wide upper bout of the '37-'38 Super 400 and the 1939 Es-250 standing in the corner (this is an ES-250 as it comes with the stairstep headstock and the open book pearl inlays).
Published in February 1946. What appears to be the late '30's famous ES-150, turns out to be a late '30's electric tenor guitar (note the thin neck and the 4 strings) by Gibson.
Published in February 1946. Alvino Rey sits next to an advanced model L-5 from '35-'37 (note the tailpiece).
Published in April 1946. Probably one of my favorite photos is Vince Brundo playing is 1940 Gibson ES-300 (a 1940 EH-185 next to Vince)....a very dated ad for 'cutting edge' postwar instruments!
Published August 1946, Remo Palmier holds what appears to be a an early '40's L-7 (raised diamond nickel plated tailpiece) sans the parallelogram inlays on the rosewood fretboard.
Published in February 1947. Great photo of a very early post war Gibson L-7(Likely produced in '45-'46). Similar to the prewar L-7, but the tailpiece has the postwar slanted rectangles.
Published in March 1947. Late '30's, perhaps a newer mid-'40's post war production L-5. The L-5 in cermona brown does not change its appearance much in the 1940's.
Published in August 1947. Great photo of a Gibson '38-'40 ES-100.