Gibson Catalogs 1910-1929

Gibson 1910 Catalog G
Gibson 1912 Catalog H
Gibson 1914 Catalog I
Gibson 1917 Catalog J
WWI Gibson Catalog K, 1918-1919.
Gibson 1920 Catalog L
Catalog L was the first to not print 'L' on the cover. Instead, it is located on the 1st page.
Gibson 1921 Catalog M
Both Catalog L and M come with a price sheet attached to the inside front cover.
Mid-1920's Gibson's, 'Standardized Banjo Family' brochure.
Mid-1920's Gibson's 'New Banjos' brochure.
Mid-1920's Gibson's, 'The Standardized Banjo Family' brochure.
Mid-1920's Gibson Mastertone Banjo catalog. No letter is assigned to this catalog for designation.
Mid-1920's Gibson's series of 'Within the Charmed Circle' of banjo fold-outs.
Inside of 'Within the Charmed Circle' fold-out.
Gibson 1923 Catalog N
Inside cover of Gibson 1923 Catalog N
Gibson 1923-1924 Catalogs N & O
Gibson 1923-1924 Catalogs N & O back covers
Gibson 1924 Catalog O introduces the first master models; H-5 Mandola, F-5 Mandolin, L-5 Guitar, TB-1 Banjo and includes photos of the TL-1 Tenor Lute.
Inside cover of Gibson 1924 Catalog O
1925 'Gibson Junior Instrument' Brochure.
Gibson 1926 Catalog P
Back of 1926 Catalog P
Gibson's first colored catalog dedicated to just Banjos, 1927 Catalog No. B-3. Note this copy was carried by the Hunleth Music Co., 516 Locust St., 'Most Complete Music House In St. Louis'.
Gibson 1927 Catalog No. B-3.
1927 Gibson Catalog No. B-3 inside page.
1928 Gibson Catalog Q.
1928 Gibson Catalog Q.
Gibson 1929 Catalog B-4. Gibson's 2nd color catalog dedicated to just banjos.
Gibson 1929 Catalog B-4.
1929 Gibson Catalog R (front).
1929 Gibson Catalog R (back). Note the stamp in blue letters: 'Gibson School of Music, Robert Lehrmann, Director, 3125 S. Jefferson AVE., St Louis, MO., Violin, Piano, Mandolin, Guitar, Banjo, Famous "Gibson" Instruments Sold On Very Easy Terms.'
1929 Gibson Catalog R.