WWII Gibson/Guitar Ads & Original Photos Con't.

1944-'45 USS Weeden de-797 Destroyer Crew
Original WWII Photo
Back of WWII original photo
Original photo of Tony Romano playing his '35 Gibson Super 400 for the Bob Hope show for soldiers in Hawaii. July 1944.
Note the foreground sign reads, 'autograph a bomb or two!'
Original photo of Tony Romano entertaining the troops with his '35 Gibson Super 400 on the Bob Hope Show. July 1944.
US serviceman with guitar pictured during WWII.
Original WWII Photo
Original WWII Photo
Service-men listening to a very first addition Blonde 1939/1940 Gibson Super 400.
WWI soldier with a Uke.
August 1943. Gibson WWII Ad.
October 1944.
December 1944. Gibson WWII Ad.