History of the Electric Pickup Continued

The mid-1930's seemed to be a time when most major guitar companies were in a race to be the first to market with an electric instrument. As far as we know, Rickenbacher (spelled with a 'ch' back then) was the first company to produce and market their 'frying pan' version of an electric hawaiian guitar. Gibson, along with many others answered the call for electrics in the mid-1930's......Gibson is specifically noted with the metal body electric hawaiian model which came out in 1935.

Beginning in the 1920's, many individuals entertained the thought and even tried to electrify the guitar, but there are many arguments towards how the electric guitar came to be.

As I have noted numerous times throughout this site, I am presenting first-hand knowledge of what I am finding through my collection and research of prewar electrics....specifically, Gibson.

The following article came from a May 1941 article in 'The Guitarist' magazine. It seems to hold a bit of relavence in the beginning of stringed electrics.......enjoy........