Gibson 1942/1943 ES300

Gibson 1942/1943 ES300 (short slant pickup)
Gibson in photo is a war-time L12. Note the L12 tailpiece is the same that found its way onto this ES300.
1942 Gibson Catalog BB
1942 Gibson Catalog BB
Gibson ES300 & case.
1942 Gibson Catalog BB
Note the tailpiece is from an 'Advanced' L12 model.
1942 Gibson Catalog BB
1942 Gibson Catalog BB
The tailpiece on left is the original correct for both of the prewar ES300 models. Note the above description of prewar Gibson tailpieces from 1942 Catalog BB.
Serial #97635 (97600-97800 = 1943) dates this as leaving the factory in early 1943. FON 7579H, however dates this model's production to late 1942.
Above is the actual shipping ledger provided by Lynn Wheelwright showing this model ES300 leaving the factory 2-18-1943.
FON 7579H dates this to production year of late 1942. Due to the war effort, material scarcity and Gibson's factory conversion to wartime efforts, production of any electric was very rare at this time.
Gibson ES300 models were the first headstocks bearing the pearl inlay crown starting in 1940. The L7 model was the 2nd model to get the pearl crown inlay.
Early 1940's period correct open-back Kluson tuners.
Maple back, neck and rims.

Comparison of early 1940 ES300 & 1942 ES300

Comparison of early 1940 ES300 and 1942 ES300.
3-piece maple neck in blonde and regular finish.
Early prewar 'blonde' or natural finish vs. regular finish.