Gibson 1936 Super 400

All original first model 1936 Super 400. Production of under 100 of these first pieces ran from the introduction in 1934-1936. In 1937 the upper bout of the body was enlarged.
Note the original gold-plated Grover tuners are relatively small for the peghead. Shortly after 1937, Grover introduced Imperial tuners (as seen on my 1937 Super 400 on this site) as an upgrade.
Original gold-plated Grover G-98 butter-bean tuners. Note there is no screw in the gear, this particular tuner had a ball peen end.
This Super 400 was exported to Canada, thus the stamp 'Made In USA' on the back of the peghead.
According to Lynn Wheelwright, this Super 400, 'probably went out with Wallace Caldwell from N.Y. Stock, probably N.Y. Band, most likely as a sample."

This Super 400 has a little history behind it and looks to have been exported to Canada. According to Lynn Wheelwright, 

'Caldwell & Co. MC might have been owned by Wallace Caldwell or a relative. The MC stands for Manufacturing Company, a lot of jobbers used this although they did not manufacture anything. W.H. Hauling is an exporter to Canada.'  Which explains why this piece has a 'Made In USA' stamped on the back of the peghead.

Great shot of the side of the peghead with original gold engraved Grover 'butterbean' tuners.
Note that the original pickguard will have a large wedge of celluloid attached to the top underside of the pickguard. A screw will go through the side to attach it to the neck at the top of the body.
Original gold engraved bracket attaches the pickguard to the side of the body.
Note that the top of the gold bracket is engraved, as well.
Original bridge and saddle. Both have inlaid pearl triangles. The inlay was supposed to go away after 1937's new Super 400 introduction, but is seen on many of the prewar Super's.
'Super 400' is engraved on the heel cap of prewar Super 400's.
Label located under the left f-hole.
Note the label indicates this piece was shipped March 11, 1936, but the FON 401A-3 shows it was produced in 1935.
Both of my first model Super 400's, 1936/'35. Note the 1936 (lft) is all original, the 1935(rt) was modified in the 1960's to resemble a Johnny Smith model with the revamped fretboard and Kulson tuners.
From left....1935, 1936, and 1937 Super 400's.
Kitties always like to help unpack the guitar boxes when they arrive at the house!
1935, 1936, 1937 Gibson Super 400's