Gibson 1917 Style U Harp Guitar

Gibson 1917 Style U Harp Guitar. This original case has the purple velvet lining.
Gibson 1917 Style U Harp Guitar with original crushed purple velvet case.
Gibson Style U Harp Guitar serial number 38807 dates this piece to 1917.
Pictured here with my black Gibson 1915 Style U Harp Guitar.
1915 Black Gibson Harp Guitar(lft) 1917 Mahogany Red Gibson Harp Guitar (rt).

1st Mahogany Support Rod Sub-bass String-Side

Inner structure showing the scroll and large mahogany support rod(this rod is the visible large arm that helps support the 10 sub-bass strings). It begins at the laminated head-block beneath the spruce sounding-board.
Top of Harp Guitar inner structure. Mahogany support from the sub-bass side starting its pass through the top of the body.
Base of Harp Guitar. Inside look of the large mahogany support rod (connecting the 10 visible sub-bass strings on the outside) running vertically through the body.
1917 Gibson Style U Harp Guitar. The top is hand-carved from spruce along with maple rims and back. Mahogany arm (rt) from the sub-bass string-side. Note 2nd mahogany support (lft) neck-side running the length of the sounding-board.

2nd Mahogany Support Neck-Side

Inner right-side laminated head-block top of curve just before mahogany neck support starts to pass through the body.
Inside right view of mahogany support starting from neck-side and passing down through the body. Note the attachment to the laminated head-block.
Mahogany support passing through body neck-side.
2nd mahogany support rod passing neck-side.
2nd mahogany support rod neck-side connecting to the maple base.
Mahogany support neck-side connecting to the birch rim base. Note the crafted spruce top and birch bottom of the instrument.
View of both mahogany supports before they pass through the body to the bottom birch rim. Note the fingerboard on the neck is ebony atop the mahogany neck.
Laminated head with 10 nickle-plated sub-bass tuners. Standard tuning of bass strings from lft: A# B C C# D D# F F# G G#.
Mahogany laminated extented head-piece supported by octagonal arm running beneath the soundingh-board to the maple rim at the end of the harp guitar's body.
Nickled turn-buckle straining rod running from laminated head-block to beneath sounding-board.
Original ebony end-pin piercing the tail-piece.
Hard-maple bridge crowned with ebony top. Differs from my 1915 Harp Guitar's solid hard-maple bridge.
Gibson 1917 Style U Harp Guitar and a furry visitor!