Gibson 1939-1942 Violin Bow Collection



This following page presents four different Gibson prewar bows made between the years 1939-1942. There is extremely limited information about Gibson prewar orchestral instruments and even much less information on Gibson bows. In ten years of searching, I have only found four of these. The prize is the bass bow pictured below. Since I play guitar, I am not an expert on bows. There are nuances between each one and over time, some parts (mainly the frog) may have been changed. The important topic to note, which is consistent with all of these bows is the Gibson logo. If you look at each bow, the same lettering is consistent and exactly the same size. I have seen listings for prewar Gibson bows that maybe misleading (no Gibson logo, or the logo is painted on).

Gibson orchestral instruments are rare, but not largly sought after by prewar collectors (there are many other instruments on a collector's radar). Thus, although one could 'fake' the Gibson logo on a bow and claim it is prewar, chances of that would be slim. There would not be that much demand for it (but then again, there are Gibson collectors who would give and arm and leg for a prewar bow). If you are searching for a prewar bow, the Gibson logo, as pictured above is what you must see. Be aware that sellers may think they have a prewar bow because that is what they were told when they purchased it. In all, the below photos are to shed light on a short-lived period in Gibson's history. Please enjoy!!!

Gibson, INC., Kalamazoo, MI     May 22, 1941

There is absolutely zero iinformation concerning Gibson bows online, thus making research difficult. On this page I have displayed four bows. I am 100% positive the first bow is a bass bow, but the other three match several descriptions from Gibson's 1941 brochure. Gibson bows are stamped with the 'Gibson' logo, but bear no other identification marks. The following is a list of the types of bows Gibson produced and respective prices in the prewar years:


GB-45 Violin Bow


GB-45 3/4 Violin Bow


GB-60 Violin Bow


GB-75 Violin Bow


GB-100 Violin Bow


GB-150 Violin Bow


GB-V Viola Bow


GB-C Cello Bow


G-B Bass Bow




Gibson Bass Bow

Note the tiny stamped 'Gibson' towards the end of the wood shaft.

Gibson Violin/Viola Bow #1

Note the Gibson logo stamped on the end of the shaft.

Gibson Violin/Viola Bow #2

Note the 'Gibson' stamp. The frog appears to have been changed to plastic sometime in the past.

Gibson Violin/Viola Bow #3

Below is a list of Gibson's prewar bows. Feel free to examin the above bows and try to match the correct piece...this may make for a fun activity for your Saturday night!