More Prewar Ads & Photos

'Popular Mechanics', January 1928. Photo next to ad is a small shot from Gibson's 1924 Catalog O.
Circa 1920's playing Hawaiian.
Program for the above photo, 'The Kline Duo'. Circa 1920's.
Circa 1915 program flyer.
November, 1913. Gibson Style U Harp Guitar ad.
July 8, 1916.
August 30, 1931. Great ad for taking a course with Julius Bellson.
Gibson Style O Guitar and early A Style mandolin. Circa 1918.
Gibson, circa 1919.
March 2, 1923 discounted Gibson Tenor Banjo ad.
Nice ad for the early L-5 archtop guitar. January, 1928.
'Popular Mechanics', June 1928.
'Popular Mechanics', July 1928.
'Popular Mechanics', circa 1928.
'Popular Mechanics', May 1929.
August 1929 Gibson banjo ad.
January 1930 Gibson ad.
January 1931 Gibson ad with a photo of the rare L-5 dot neck archtop guitar.
Slingerland brand trying to steal the competition from stringed instruments. Early 1930's.
Mid-1930's ad for Gibson. Featuring a mid-'30's Gibson L-7 archtop.
Gibson 1940 EH-185.

Boy playing a 1940 EH-185 lapsteel with the 'new slant' P-90 pickup. This pic can also be viewed on the EH-185 page where the earlier version EH-185 with the 'Charlie Christian' pickup is displayed. This photo is dated June 3, 1944, a time where very few, if any Gibson electrics were being produced due to the war.

1941 Al Dexter sheet music.....playing a late 1930's L-7.
Late 1930's 8"x10" photo of a woman playing 1st series ES-150 with a Gibson EH-150 amp in the background.
Great close-up of the original ES-150 pickup and pickguard.
Photo dated Dec. 28, 1944. Interestingly enough, the instruments date to the early 1920's and the photos behind the gentleman are of perhaps, their sons serving in WWII.