Gibson 1936 E-100

Early 1936 Gibson E(H)-100 and matching amplifier set.
1936 Gibson E100 ('E' for 'Electric'...Changed to 'EH' for 'Electric Hawaiian' later in 1936 once the ES-150 ('ES' for 'Electric Spanish') Guitar was introduced in late 1936).

The above original Gibson shipping ledger, provided by Lynn Wheelwright, shows this E-100 Serial #526-10 was shipped to Schmoller & Mueller located in Omaha, Nebraska on 01Jul1936. 

Mr. Wheelwright points out that this is from the 4th batch of E-100's shipped. The first batch was shipped 23MAR1936.

Gibson Catalog X, 1936. First mention of E-100, E-150, EH-150 amp and ES-150.
Gibson Catalog X, 1936. First look at the all new electric EH-100 Electric Hawaiian Guitar and its matching amplifier, the EH-100.
The 1936 E-100 was first designed with one volume knob on the right treble side. A second tone knob was added on the left side within 6 months of 1936.
Hardware found on the early E(H)-100 lapsteel models. Note the single knob was for volume. The tone knob was added shortly after the first six months of production.
Gibson Catalog X, 1936.
Note the neck block with the FON 526-10 stamped into it.
'Gibson System For Guitar' 1939

Instruments in photo from left:

Gibson ES-150, Gibson EH-150 '37-'38, Gibson EH-100 '37(two knobs on the treble side), Gibson ES-150, Gibson E-150 '36, and Gibson E-100.

1936 E-100 had the same magnetic pickup as the E-150. It just had a cosmetically different white bobbin with square edges.
Inside view of the large magnets used in the production of the first Gibson pickups.
Bobbin 'white part' removed from the steel blade and bar magnets. Top left displays the single potentiometer with its original copper shielding.
Simplistic view of the beginning of the Gibson electric pickup.
View of the bobbin positioned onto the steel blade.
Back panel with 'bar pickup' attached (4 middle screws). Note that 12 screws are used to hold the back to the body
'Gibson' logo silk-screened onto headstock.
Period correct Grover tuners (flat ends used between 1935/36).
1936 Gibson E-100 with its original black case.
1936 Gibson E-100 set.