1936 E(H)150

Early 1936 - mid 1937 E(H)150. 08DEC1936 was the shipping date from the Gibson factory.
'Gibson System For Guitar' 1939. EH150 with black bobbin. Note the ES150 guitar. Photo circa 1937-1938.
Back-side attached to the body with 12 screws. The four screws centered in the middle attach to the bar pickup on the inside.
Although the FON 993-1E was assigned to this EH, the ledgers had two close matches, but not exact. Due to the appointments, the top FON matches closest with the shipping date 08DEC1936. Ledger provided by Lynn Wheelwright.
'Gibson System For Guitar' 1939

Instruments in photo from left:

Gibson Century Model Style L-C, women playing Gibson Ukuleles Style Uke 3, guitar guy right and middle guitar Gibson Style L-10 Advanced Model, lapsteel left is Gibson EH100 with white bobbin and sunburst shading mid-'37, lapsteel rt. is Gibson 1936 E150 with no headstock ornamentation.

Gibson Catalog X, 1937. First catalog to advertise electric E150, E100, EH150 amplifier and ES150.
Gibson Catalog X, 1937.
Gibson Catalog X, 1937.
Period correct Grover tuners produced 1935-'36...these have the celluloid ends, and should have metal ends like '35 E150.
1939 'Gibson System For Guitar'
According to Joesph Spann, this particular model was shipped on '8 December 1936 with a 25-cycle amplifier, serial #3245, to Beare & Sons in Toronto, Canada.'
1939 'Gibson System For Guitar'
Tone and volume control on either side. Bridge with 3 screws dates to the 3rd type made in Spring, 1936. Note that the early style bobbin is black.
Compare the later mid-'37/early-'38 has an advanced bridge, tone & volume knobs on treble side and multi-bound blk/whte bobbin.
Inside tone/volume potentiometers 'pots' and early black bobbin.
Steel blade attached to bar magnets.
Bobbin (housing the wire coil) on top of steel blade which is attached to the bar magnets.
Bobbin is in-place and pickup is complete.
Nick named 'Charlie Christian' pickup.......but differs from the true 'Charlie' because of the thicker magnets and mounting.