Electric Hawaiian Lapsteel Stand

Featured on this page is a very uncommon item.....a lapsteel stand. Although Gibson began making Electric Hawaiian outfits in late 1935, an actual stand was not available until 1938, at least according to the catalogs. Pictured to the left are 1936 Catalog X and 1937 Catalog Y. Neither catalog mentioned a lapsteel stand. These catalogs only mentioned guitar and music stands. 

1938's Catalog Z is the first Gibson Catalog to mention a stand. Electric Hawaiian stands were then included in the literature up to 1942's Catalog BB.

This page features a lapsteel stand that is very similar to what is picture in the Gibson catalogs. I purchased it from a gentleman who had acquired it in a package with a Gibson BR-9 (the set had come together from the previous owner). From years of collecting, this is the second one that I have seen. Please enjoy the following photos. The lapsteel pictured is my 1935 E-150.

Gibson 1938 Catalog Z. The first catalog to mention a lapsteel stand.
New Electric Hawaiian Guitar Stand. First mentioned in 1938's Catalog Z.
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