Gibson1940 EH-185 10-String Electric Hawaiian

Just to give a little idea of the size of this piece. Here it is next to my 1938 Console Grande.
A rare glimpse of the 10-string EH-185. February, 1941.
'Billy is shown with his EH-185'. February, 1941.
According to the ledgers provided by Lynn Wheelwright, this piece was shipped February 22, 1940 to Pearson Music in Indianapolis. Note the case was special made to fit this unique piece.

According to Lynn Wheelwright, there were a total of 8 10-String

EH-185's shipped in all. This one was the 2nd one shipped. The first 10-String was shipped on 12-7-39.

Note the cast top plate is painted with smooth black paint. The first EH-185's would use black paint and later go to a grey crinkle finish.
The Gibson script was cut-out of metal with no screen-print or pearl inlay added.
Article written by George Gruhn in August 1996.
Note the size, as well as the EH-185 on the left has the grey crinkle paint because it was produced a bit later.
FON FGE-2308, shipped Feb 22, 1940.
3876 stamped on the base of the cast metal plate. Not a FON, but some sort of marking from the foundry.
Note the deep groove in the neck used to stabilize the cast metal insert. The neck is a separate piece of maple attached to the body.
Rosewood fretboards of a six and 10-string EH-185.
Cast metal plates of a 6 and 10-string EH-185 with their horse-shoe magnets attached. Note the input jack's cable hanging off the edge.
Cast plates of a six and 10-string EH-185.
Horse-shoe magnet attached to cast metal plate using two screws, springs and a nickel plated bar.
Horse-shoe pickup wired to the cast metal plate.
Note the 6 holes and glue used to hold the fret-board onto the cast insert.
Bridge size between a 6 and 10-string EH-185.
Nut size between a 6 and 10-string EH-185.
Hand rest for a 10 and 6-string EH-185.
Kluson tuners, nut, hand-rest and 10-string bridge.
Size difference of a 10 and 6-string EH-185.
Kind of a cool little fact......this piece was previously owned by Greg Leisz.