1940 Gibson EH-185

Gibson's new model, the EH185 made 1939 - late 1940. Included a 'horseshoe' magnetic pickup and a metal insert that spanned the entire instrument.

After asking Gibson historian and expert Lynn Wheelwright about this EH-185, Serial #FE 532-3, he noted that this piece seems to have come from a batch of only 10 units. He had found units 1-9 in the Gibson ledgers but noted that 3 were missing. Interestingly he theorized that this maybe from the 1st batch of EH-185's with the brown crinkle finish.

Original photo of boy playing a 1940 EH-185(with all new P-90 pickup) June 3, 1944.
1942 Gibson Catalog BB.
Metal insert that screwed onto the maple body of the new EH185. New slotted head-stock accommodated special-made Kluson tuners.
Bobbin, housing the wire coil in the new 'Charlie Christian' pickup.
The all-new 'Horseshoe' magnet with mounted steel blades, which would be mounted to the inside of the EH185.
'Horseshoe' magnet, steel blades, bobbin with wire coil.
8 screws plus 2 bolts under the neck, mount the metal insert to the maple body.
1942 Gibson Catalog BB.
Early Kluson tuners. In 1938, Gibson began phasing out Grover tuners favoring Chicago made Kluson tuners due to better prices.
Metal cut-out Gibson script mounted to metal insert used on the new EH185 model.
Serial number starting with the letter 'F' for 1940 stamped on back of the body.