WWII Military Troops/Guitars

An original wartime photo of a soldier and his guitar during WWII.

Throughout this site you will see many photos of Gibson guitars along with other brands/types of instruments from the prewar and wartime era.

Instruments in general, have always been cherished by their owners. So one can imagine how important an instrument was to a soldier during the war. Not only are instruments bulky, they have to be carried along with everything else a soldier needs for combat. Taking into consideration the hardships soldiers faced on a day-to-day basis, instruments must have been more like family members and most likely treated as such. 

The pictures below are from an original group of wartime photos in my collection. The majority are of the same group of men. Unfortunately, I have no further information of names/ranks, but hope that by keeping the photos together, they will depict a story of the daily downtime for these men during the war.

The group poses with a frog.
Great photo of this soldiers Kay Guitar.
Two trumpets, a violin, guitar and an American Flag.
Although not a Gibson, any guitar was always a welcome sight during down hours.
Musical instruments were very important for passing long hours in camp. Here these soldiers play their violin and trumpet.
A trumpet finds its way into camp along with the guitar pictured in the above photos.
Posing with a frog.
Original wartime photo of soldiers with a guitar.
Original wartime photo of a soldier playing his Gibson LG-1 in the barracks.