Gibson 1936 E-100 Amplifier

Early 1936 Gibson E-100 Electric Hawaiian Guitar and amplifier. This example is of the first type of Gibson's 'budget' E(H)'s first made in the early part of 1936.
Original Gibson Shipping Ledger provided by Lynn Wheelwright.

According to Lynn Wheelwright, this E-100 amp, Serial #2348, was shipped to Denton, Cottier, Daniels-Buffalo, NY on 29DEC1936. The 

E-100 lapsteel Serial #526-10 was shipped to Schmoller & Mueller located in Omaha, Nebraska on 01JUL1936.

According to Lynn Wheelwright, this E-100 lapsteel is from the 4th batch that began shipping 23MAR1936.

Gibson 1936 E-100 amp.

1937-37 Beare & Son

Gibson E-100 unit offered in the 1936-37 Toronto and London, England Beare & Son Catalog.

1936 Gibson Catalog X

Gibson 1936 Catalog X notes this unit as an EH-100 model. Interestingly, in 1936, the E/EH-100 model was designed before the famous ES-150 thus, the 'E' (electric) in both catalogs should have been designated with 'E' for this early piece.
Very simple in design. Four tubes, two inputs and no controls for volume or tone. Volume was controlled via the knob on the E-100 instrument.
This rare EH-100 instruction manual came from a 1938 EH-100. Although the amplifier on this page is Gibson's first model E-100, this manual provides a little idea of how they looked. Simply, a folded piece of paper with instructions.
This amplifier cover swatch is from a pristine-like 1938 EH-100. The material still appears as new. This was found with the above EH-100 manual. The owner's name, Audrey Mae Perin and location of ILL. is still legible on the cover front.
Here is a glance showing the EH-100 manual contents.
Four screws for the grill.
Serial #2348.
1936 Gibson E-100 set.


Before cleaning.
After cleaning.
Before cleaning.
After cleaning.
Before cleaning.
After cleaning.

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