Gibson 1939 ES-250

1939 Gibson Catalog BB
1941 L7.....exact specs of an ES250, just missing the electronics and fancy pickguard. Note the description above, for comparison. Correct authentic 1939 ES250 tailpiece!
1939 Gibson Catalog BB
Very rare glimpse of an ES-250 being played. Note the back of the tailpiece has the input jack on the base....only found on the '30's ES-150's and very few '39 ES-250's.
1939 ES-250 tailpiece. The ES-250 and 1936-1939 ES-150 were the only models that were 'plugged in' from the bottom. Note this L-7 would need a large hole to accommodate the jack.

ES-250 Tailpiece #96034

1940 ES-250 tailpiece

Several years ago I was able to acquire this great piece. The previous owner had mistaken it for an Epiphone tailpiece. The reverse side has the penciled serial #96034. After conferring with Lynn Wheelwright, the Gibson ledgers state that the serial #96034 was from and ES-250. The instrument(bearing this tailpiece) was shipped April 4, 1940 to Denton-Coliter-Daniels in N.Y.

Dec. 1946 magazine photo. Note the input jack on the base of the instrument. It is the exact same input jack as in the photo above of my ES-250 tailpiece.
1939 ES250 tailpiece (shipped April 4, 1940 from the factory).
1942 Gibson Catalog BB
1939 'Gibson System For Guitar' photo of ES250.
1939 Gibson Catalog BB
Feb. 1941 ad for a 'short-lived' 1939 ES250, as well as the 'short-lived' 1940 ES300