Gibson Prewar Letters and Letterheads

Letter dated, April 28, 1926
1926 letter signed by Ethel S Peapples, Gibson Stenographer, 1926

The above letter is signed by Ethel S. Peapples, a Gibson Stenographer in 1926, according to Spann's Guide To Gibson 1902-1941. Interestinglty, the name above Ethel's is Thomas Peacock, a Gibson Salesman from the 1930's. Click Gibson Agents/Teachers to see his actual business card.

Mid-1920's Letterhead
CABLE ADDRESS "GIBMANDLIN" stamped on letter upper left
Early 1930's Gibson Letterhead. Note that it is stamped in red with the name and address of the agent promoting Gibson.
Early 1930's Gibson Letterhead

May 15, 1930 Gibson Letter With Documents

Letter from Gibson. May 13, 1930
Note that letter is auto-signed by Frank Campbell, Gibson Advertising Manager 1925-1930.
Above letter sent to Mr. Robert H. Kehr on May 18, 1930.
Above letter from May 13, 1930 included the above rare items to convince the buyer about the quality of Gibson. At this time the Depression had a firm grip on businesses and Gibson would use clever ways to sway buyers.
Letter included with the 1930 letter above testifying that one should not play a 'cheap' instrument.
Another tempting item found within the above 1930 letter.
'Testimonials from Gibsonites'. Another convincing brochure added to the above Gibson letter in 1930.

August 1935 Letter with Promos

Advertising Letter auto-signed by Guy Hart, AUG. 1935.
1935 Letterhead
Guy Hart auto-signature, base of letter, AUG. 1935.
Enclosed in 1935 letter; copy of Carl Kress testament of new Advanced L-5. Written FEB. 8, 1935, from New York, NY
Enclosed in 1935 letter, copy of George Smith testament of new Advanced L-5. Written MAY 5, 1935 from Hollywood, CA
Envelope dated AUG 2, 1935

Rare envelope used to ship prewar Gibson Catalogs. The October 1, 1940 pricesheet and supplement to Catalog AA would have been shipped in an envelope very similar to this, just a year earlier. To see more prewar pricesheets, please click Gibson Prewar Price Lists or click Gibson Catalogs to see the collection of prewar catalogs. 

Rare shipping envelope used to mail a prewar catalog