Gibson 1942 Violin V-25

This page features a 1942 Gibson V-25. The V-25 is perhaps the second most common prewar Gibson Violin found for sale online. It is touted by online sellers as "the finest and rarest instrument" Gibson ever made. I agree that a V-25 is somewhat scarce. I also agree the beauty in the flammed maple back and rims is quite stunning, but the V-25 is just a step-up from the V-15 student model. The V-100 is the finest and rarest and does not compare to this model. That being said, any Gibson Violin you come across is still a nice find!

To describe this model, it is best to quote Gibson's 1941 Violin brochure:

"V-25 Violin.......$27.50

Hand graduated ; shaded cherry brown finish. Selected maple and spruce. Flake grain bridge. Ebony fingerboard, tailpiece, and end pin. Double post, ebony Gibson comfort chin rest. Gibsonite pegs. A beautiful rounded tone."

From left; Gibson V-100, Gibson Viola and Gibson V-25 Violin.
This Gibson V-25 was used a lot throughout its life. Above is a participant ribbon for 1973's Iowa State Fair.
Above label dates this piece to 1942.

Gibson 1942 V-25 Violin

Below photos display Gibson's Gibsonite pegs. Because ebony would be spared somewhat on budget models, these Gibsonites are most likely stained rosewood. At least a couple of these pegs may have been changed for plastic.

Gibson 1942 V-25 Violin

Below photos of the neck joint. Note in photo #4 the bridge is stamped 'Gibson'.

Gibson Violin Bridges

Below is a standard bridge stamped 'Gibson'. Photos to the right display a different style of this small 'Gibson' stamped bridge. This bridge bears a small  rosewood insert.

Gibson 1942 V-25 Violin