Mastertone Catalogs/Sheet Music

Mastertone October 1929. Very vibrant red cover!
Mastertone July 1929
Back cover of Mastertone's July 1929 issue advertising Gibson's full-color banjo catalog.
Mastertone August 1930
Inset of cover's photo is a window display for Wittich's of Heading, PA. Note all of the great Gibson pieces in the storefront!
Note the Wittich's stamp on the inside page of Gibson's 1936 Catalog X.
Back-side of Mastertone's August 1930 catalog which displays (bottom rt corner) Gibson's newest 1930 catalog.
Mastertone November 1930
Mastertone March/April 1931
Mastertone October 1936
Back-side of Mastertone 1936 issue advertising Gibson's EH-150 amplifier, new for 1937.
Mastertone's Christmas 1936 issue
Mastertone's Christmas 1936 issue (back-side) advertising the all new Gibson ES-150!
Mastertone Player's Edition sheet music advertised in Gibson's 1942 Catalog BB.
One more item not advertised in Gibson 1942 Catalog BB is 'Rock of Ages'. All pieces were for the steel guitar in E7th tuning.
Mastertone's Guitar Method. A great item for the late '20's guitar enthusiast. Copyright 1929, this piece features a beautiful late '20's L-5 with dot inlays.