Gibson Mid-1937 to early-1938 EH150

Mid-1937 to early-1938 EH150 (this exact model was shipped 17SEP1937).
'Gibson System For Guitar' 1939
Mid-'37 to early-38 made numerous advancements, but still had the 12 screws in the back showing that the bar pickup was still present.
This EH-150 FON 332-11 left the Gibson factory 17SEP1937 according to the ledgers provided by Lynn Wheelwright.
Split diamond inlay with 'Gibson' pearl inlay
Period correct Grover tuners made between '36-'38
Note that the bobbin is triple bound black/white on the outer edge.
Note that the tone/volume potentiometers 'pots' are on one side.
The pickup is covered by an optional hand rest, offered at a price of $2.50
1939 Gibson Catalog AA
Pictured with the hand rest taken off. The bridge has a built-in extra flange which holds very well to the body.
1939 'Gibson System For Guitar'