Gibson Lapsteel Collection

1935-1941 Electric Hawaiian Gibson Lapsteels

Gibson's 'System For Hawaiian Guitar' parts 1-4 from 1937. Please visit Gibson Music Books to view all of the lessons and learning supplies of the 1930's.

1935 E150 (lft), 1936 E150 (rt)

1939/1940's new 'Gibson System for Hawaiian Guitar'. Four parts, each part with 12 pieces of sheet music. All the parts were colored. Visit Gibson Music Books to see all 48 brightly colored lessons in sheet music.

1935 E150 (middle), 1936 E100 (lft), 1936 E150 (rt)
1939/1940 Gibson System For Hawaiian Guitar.
Headstock logo changes, from 1935 E150 screenprint (middle), to 1936 inlay pearl (rt), to 1937 inlay pearl with diamonds (lft)
1939/1940 Gibson System For Hawaiian Guitar.

To view all of the 48 pages of the 'Gibson System For Hawaiian Guitar', 1938/1939, front and back, please visit Gibson Music Books.