Gibson Catalogs 1930-1943

1930 Gibson Catalog. No letter designation, but according to sources, it could be considered Catalog S. Note the color is faded on this piece and should be a rich blue color.
1930 Gibson Catalog (S)
Gibson's 1930 'Road To Happiness'. A very small catalog....a couple of inches larger than a deck of cards!
Although not a catalog, this is one of Gibson's 'Road To Happiness' music books produced in 1936.
1933 Pocket Catalog
Mid-1930's Accessory Catalog
Inside Accessory Catalog
Circa 1936 Wholesale Catalog printed in London, England
1935 Gibson Catalog W
Second version of Gibson's 1935 Catalog W. This is perhaps one of the most mistakenly dated pieces for sale online. Sellers mistake it for years 1936-'39. With zero electrics listed, it should not be mistaken for anything above the year 1935.
Inner page of 1935's Catalog W.
1936 Catalog X (First mention of electric instruments, EH100, EH150 and ES 150)

First Gibson electric guitar, the Es150, pictured in Catalog X. Other important models first pictured: Super 400, Advanced L-5, Advanced L-12, Advanced L-10, Advanced L-7, Advanced Jumbo, EH150 & AMP, EH100 & AMP, ES150 guitar.

1937 Catalog Y

Electric models added: EH150 & AMP, EH100 & AMP, Double Neck EH, ES150, Electric Mandolin EM150, 

1938 Catalog Z

Electric models added (green page inserts in catalog): EH150 & AMP, EH100 & AMP, EH Console Grande, ES150, ES100 (first appearance), EM150/EM100, Electric Tenor Banjo ETB150.

Circa 1938 Gibson Catalog

This little blue catalog measures 4.5" x 6.5" and has tri-fold pages to show larger pages. Because this is an ultra-rare piece, I have photographed almost all of the 24 pages for illustration purposes. Please click on Blue Catalog 1938 link to see the contents.

Insets of Gibson's Catalogs Z, Supplement to Z, AA and Supplement to AA.
1939 Catalog AA

Electrics added (sepia toned insert pages in catalog): EH185 & AMP, EH150 & AMP, EH100 & AMP, EH Console Grande, ES250, ES150, ES100, EM150 & 100, ETB150.

1940 Supplement to Catalog AA

Electrics included: EH275 & AMP, EH185 & AMP, EH150 & AMP, EH100 & AMP, ES300, ES150, ES100, Console Grande, EM150, ETB tenor, plectrum or 5-string banjo. Also introducing the new: L4, L7 and L47.

1940 Supplement to Catalog AA
1942 Catalog BB

Electrics added: Electraharp, EH185 & AMP, EH150 & AMP, EH125 & AMP, Console Grande, ES300, ES150, ES125, EM150 & 125, ETB Electric tenor, 5-string and plectrum banjos.

1942 Catalog BB Rare Advertisement for Violins on Back
1942 Price List to complement 1942 Catalog BB
1939 Kalamazoo Brochure by Gibson

Kalamazoo electrics included: Kalamazoo Electric Hawaiian 'KEH', Kalamazoo Electric Spanish Guitar 'KES' & Kalamazoo Electric Amplifier 'KEA'.

Inside 1939 Kalamazoo Brochure
Inside 1939 Kalamazoo Brochure
1941 Kalamazoo Brochure by Gibson
1941 Kalamazoo Brochure by Gibson
Inside 1941 Kalamazoo Brochure

Electrics included: Kalamazoo  Electric Hawaiian 'KEH', Kalamazoo Electric Spanish 'KES'.

Inside 1941 Kalamazoo Brochure
1941 Gibson Violin Announcement
1941 Violin Announcement
1941 Violin Announcement
May 22, 1941 Violin Announcement

Gibson violins, violas and basses are hard to come by and are rarely spoken of. Please view Gibson 1939 Upright Bass & Gibson 1940 Viola to view these one-of-a-kind instruments.

1941 Violin Announcement
1941 Violin Announcement
1973 'The Gibson Story' As Told By Julius Bellson, Longtime Former Gibson Employee. Note: the cover is of Gibson Catalog L 1920