War and Music Supplies

Not only did the war affect Gibson, it affected every industry in the United States. Materials were rationed to promote the war effort and it caused the music industry to grind to an almost stand-still from early 1942 to later 1945-'46.

At the present, we have access to anything online or at the store and can have it within minutes, or in a couple of days. Back then, rationing for the war effort meant that we had to conserve and live within or even below our means....mostly because simple items that we take for granted including sugar, paper and other items were not available.

The following photos create an image of how musical instrument suppliers and dealers were hit by the war efforts. 

January 4, 1943
'UNFILLED PORTION CANCELLED; PLEASE RE-ORDER' . From Decca Distributing Corporation to Shaw Bros. Music Co.
February 11, 1943
March 31, 1943
September 21, 1943
November 9, 1945
November 5, 1945
BO, or back-order of 30 days.
May 21, 1946
May 22, 1946

Gibson's Blue Catalog. This piece was designed circa 1938 and disseminated by music stores over the next several years. You can see the war effort stamp added after we entered the war.

'Buy American' stamp.