WWII Military Troops/Guitars II

Jim with his guitar circa March-May 1942 at Camp Croft, South Carolina.

Here is a special photo that I was asked to post for a family member who served during WWII. Since most images lose their history over time due to forgotton memories, I am lucky to obtain the history with these. I have never been a great storyteller, thus the following words are from Carol and John Gilman:


'James (Jim) Gilman was born Dec. 31, 1919. He was a 24 year old soldier who was lost in WWII in Northern France after being in combat  for over 500 days with the 157th infantry. Jim's legacy was that he was a kind man, opposed to war, who wrote poetry on the battlefield, under the harshest conditions. He was an aspiring guitarist/singer bent towards country/early folk music. Family lore is he had recorded an early vinyl just prior to being drafted. The record unfortunately has been lost...One treasure that remains is a picture of him in basic training playing his guitar on the front steps of his barracks.'

James 'Jim' Francis Gilman on the steps of his barracks. Camp Croft, South Carolina, circa March-May 1942.