Prewar Bakelite Knobs

Gibson collection of prewar bakelite knobs. 1942 Catalog BB.
Authentic bakelite knobs that coordinate to1942 Catalog BB's specs.
The following knobs, 504-A, 506, 481 and 480, will present various angles to help the viewer identify authentic prewar bakelite knobs.

Pre 504-A 1935-36 Used on EH150 models

Identical to 504-A, this knob is typically found on the 1935/'36 Electric Hawaiian Lapsteels. Made from bakelite, because plastic was not yet invented, they are missing the painted arrows on the top sides.
All black tone and volume knobs, these pieces are painted with a small white spot on the side to indicate the sonic and tonal range.
Note the hole in the side. This hole houses the screw that tightens the knob to the tone/volume controls.

#504-A 1937-1943 Used on ES/EH/ETB/ETG/EM 150 models

Black and brown colored bakelite knobs. Same as the former knobs, but with arrows on the top sides for tone/volume indication. These appeared around 1937 and were used on ES/EH 150's until war-time.
Very similar to a toffee candy, these are the most common knobs found on Gibson prewar electrics. Note the set-screw on the side for mounting to the tone/volume controls.
Base-side of 504-A. Note the set-screw inside of the hole.
Note the bottom knobs are both black with no indicator arrows. The top knobs are standard brown/black and have arrows.

#506 Pointer Knobs

Pointer knobs. Not commonly found on prewar electrics. Both knobs are black and made of bakelite.
Note the set-screw in the back for mounting.
'Daka-Ware Chicago', stamped on the bottom side.

#481 1939-1943 Found on ES250,ES300,EH185,275,285 models

Brown/Black made of bakelite.
Found on upper-end Gibson electric instruments. Very commonly 'faked' knob. As with all bakelite knobs, authentic pieces should show at least some wear and tear.
Base-side of 481 knob.

#480 Found on budget Kalamazoo(KESG) & Mastertone(MESG) instruments

Small and colored black. Made of bakelite.
Set-screw found on the side.
Base-side with a great view of the indicator pointer.
Note the size difference to the standard 504-A knob.
Electric supplies from 1942 Catalog BB.

#479 1938-1943 Found on ES/EH100/125 model instruments

Solid octagonal knobs, standard brown/black made of bakelite and painted with an indicator arrow on the top.
Set-screw on side, as well as indicator line to view tone/volume settings.
Base-side of brown/black 479's.