'The Gibson' 1908 F-2 Mandolin

'The Gibson' 1908 F-2 Mandolin
1924 Gibson Catalog O
Early Pearl Script 'The Gibson'
Above is an original framed photo of an early Gibson Mandolin Orchestra. Note the Style F mandolins are seated left, while the Style A's are seated right.
1908 Elevated Pickguard (1st year the pickguard was not flush against the body)
1924 Gibson Catalog O
Above and below are two turn of the century ads for the Glee and Mandolin Clubs at the University of Oregon. Above is a large thick cardstock ad. Below is a smaller postcard size ad for 1907-08.
1908 Inner Label Picture of Gibson Founder, Orville Gibson (1908/09 the label changed and the Orville photo has never reappeared)
Early Inlaid 'Handel Tuners'
Reverse Side (note the pointed edge on the right 'bass' side was removed from all F style mandolins in 1910. The bass side remains smooth up to present-day models)
1910 Catalog G (note this F-2 mandolin is missing the 3rd point on the bass side, unlike the 1908 F-2 shown above)
1910 Catalog G Description of F-2 Mandolin 'Artist Model'
1910 Catalog G 'EVERY ONE A GIBSON-ITE' Phrase used up to the 1930's. Note, the mandolin player on the right playing earlier mandolin with 3 points on the mandolin body.