Gibson 1939 1st Batch EH-185

Flat black paint applied to the first EH-185's was soon changed to a grey crinkle coating.

This is an interesting piece. According to Lynn Wheelwright, there were 50 EH 150/185's from batch 5865-5917. An EH-185, FON EGE 5901 has the triangle non-slip pattern in the back. 

The first EH-185 listed is EGE 5907 as a sample C, shipped September 1, 1939. This one pictured was shipped September 14, 1939 to Gene ?ioland. He got two...this one and the other, EGE 5865 (in a private collection).

Furthermore, there are no entries of what Gibson took to the August 1939 trade show.

FON EGE-5897
Flat black EH-185 with original case
Cast iron top that holds the horseshoe pickup, pots, tuners and bridge. The rosewood fingerboard screws to the underside of this piece with six tiny screws.
Horseshoe pickup attached to the cast plate via two springs and screws for adjustment.
Top to the maple body with the maple neck(seperate) set in from the top.
Stamped #14 most likely signifying cast order of production in the foundry. Note the small screws. These secure the fretboard from the underside of the cast insert.
Cast plate attached to the EH-185's maple body. Note the groove fits the nickel plated nut.
Cast insert attached to the maple body at the shoulders of the EH-185.
Tony Romano and Francis Langford at USO WWII Show. Bonus photo....Tony Roman holding his 1935 Gibson Super 400.