Gibson 1935 1st Generation E-150 Amplifier

Gibson 1935 1st Generation E-150 Amplifier
Inside electronics of the first model E-150. Very similar to the 2nd style of the 1st generation E-150, the difference, this model has a large house-fuse in the lower left corner. The next gen. amp(rare, but more common) will see the fuse size reduced.
The 1st generation E-150 amplifier was originally designed to accompany the 1935 cast aluminum E-150's. By the end of '35, both E-150 amps and Electric Hawaiian Guitars underwent considerable changes.
This 1st style E-150 amp came as a set with one of the very first maple body E-150's produced(432-2). In 1936, maple E-150's would conform to a common build. The E-150 amplifiers would soon follow with upgrades.
Large round house-fuse in lower left corner. The 2nd version amp has a much smaller fuse. The power transformer is almost double the height as the transformer on the 2nd version.
Low serial #1267 penciled on back of speaker. Something very cool about this piece is the shelving made for the power cords. Something that is not very common, but perhaps was a thought in the manufacturing of these first pieces.
Between the power transformer and speaker is a glass 80 rectifier. Simple on/off switch, glass house-fuse, indicator light and two inputs complete this Gibson first. Very simple design.
Two 6F6s for power are mounted catty corner and a 6A6 preamp in the right corner. This was fed directly by the parallel inputs, one for mic and one for instrument.
Original E-150 amplifier instructions. This is the only copy I have ever found to have just an 'E-150' indication, instead of 'EH-150'. It is one of the first printed amplifier instructions from Gibson in 1935.
For reference, note the 1935 E-150 differs from the 1940 EH-185.