Gibson Misc. Ads/Photos

Original 1940's flyer featuring Dallas, Texas musician, Charles K. Ramsden. Note the EH-185 amplifier in the background!
Original prewar photo of gentleman and his banjo. Although not a Gibson, this pic makes a great time capsule.
A Gibson competitor prewar Electric Spanish guitar
Circa late '30's/early '40's.
Gentleman with his tenor guitar. September 4,1938. Mason City, Nevada.
Back of photo from 1938.
Gibson Mastertone sheet music. Published 1941.
Back of sheet music, 'I Dream of Jeanie'. Great photo of two Gibson ES-150's, two EH-150's and two EH-100's. All instruments range from 1937-'38.
Gibson Mastertone sheet music. Published 1942.
Al Dexter and his late '30's Gibson L-7. Early 1940's.
Gentleman and his archtop. February 1940.
Original hand-colored picture of 'Heidt's Band', 1936. Featuring a young Alvino Rey playing his Blonde Super 400 guitar.
Outside sleeve containing the early '40's souvenir photo below.
Original early '40's souvenir photo of a gentleman and his Gibson.
1930's/1940's Friedman's Music Shop.
Early '40's storefront window display....much like the Friedman's display in the photo above.
String cleaner....just check out the ad.....not a Gibson Mona Steel Ad, but something from the competition at the time!