Gibson 1939 EM-150 Electric Mandolin

Gibson 1939 Electric Mandolin EM-150.
Gibson 1939 EM-150.
1937 Gibson Catalog Y
1937 Gibson Catalog Y is the first catalog to introduce the short lived EM-150 with no indication of the EM-100. Note the Charlie Christian pickup has only a black bobbin with no white outline.
1937 Gibson Catalog Y description of the all new Gibson EM-150.
Unlike the screen print Gibson logo of the EM-100, the EM-150 used pearl inlay for the logo.
1938 Gibson Catalog Z
1938 Gibson Catalog Z shows only the EM-150 with only a mention of the lower grade electric mandolin EM-100.
Original 4-per side Kluson strip tuners. Note there is no FON impressed into the top of the peghead, unlike the ES-150 the late 1930's.
1939 Gibson Catalog AA
1939 Gibson Catalog AA was the first catalog to showcase both EM-150 and EM-100. Note this is the first published insert showing the Charlie Christian bobbin with a white border.
Original pickguard and bar pickup with single binding. The tone/volume knobs are of the earlier bakelite style, absent of white arrows. Unbound f-holes, rosewood bridge and 20 frets are complimented with 'The Gibson' tailpiece.
Supplement to Catalog AA October 1, 1940 still displays the EM-150 but not the EM-100.
Supplement to Catalog AA October 1, 1940 shows the infamous Charlie Christian bar pickup on the EM-150 for the last time before the introduction of the metal P-13 pickup.
Note the white binding which outlines the bar pickup is made-up of four individual white segments.
Great view of the 'Charlie Christian' bar pickup protruding through the factory fitted hole in the spruce top.
Note the very slow rise of the spruce top of this electric mandolin.The tone/volume knobs are not mounted perpendicular, rather askew to the top.
Late 1930's EM-100 (lft) next to the slightly higher-end late 1930's EM-150. The largest differences are the f-holes, pickguards, bobbins, tailpiece, knobs, tuners and screen-print/pearl inlay.
Pictured next to my H1E Electric Mandola. Note the Mandola is slightly larger.
Late 1930's EM-100, EM-150, H1E Mandola, ETG-150 and ES-150.
1939 Gibson EM-150 with original case.