WWII Military and Guitar Pics

As with many of the tabs on this site, you will find primarily, well pretty much, everything to do with Gibson before and during WWII. As a collector, I recognize the significance of musical instruments and how they play a role in history. Ultimately, we change history, but as technology and musical instruments progress we as people evolve.

Instruments are important to us, and generally speaking, many individuals will not go anywhere without them. This page, as well as the previous tabs reflect on the significance guitars played in the lives of soldiers who served in WWII. 

As I continue to find these great photos, I will keep adding them to this site. Take a moment to reflect on how important musical instruments were to these soldiers.... 

Feb. 22, 1945, Tony Romano does the Jitterbug with a soldier who lost his leg in France.
1944-'45 USS Weeden de-797 Destroyer crew. Original photo.

This is something very rare, an actual story behind the following photos that I received:

'...these were my (seller's) dad's (photos). He was a gunner on a B-24 in WWII that crashed and he became a P.O.W. He was from Huntington Station Long Island, NY. His neighborhood was all Lithuanian and Italian-these guys were his friends (following photos). He was in Panama City for training before he flew to Europe."

Original WWII shot of soldiers playing instruments at Fort Dix.
WWII original photo.
Reprint of troops being entertained in barracks.

Many more WWII military/guitar photos on following buttons......