Gibson 1940 EH-185 Amplifier

Great photo-op with my kitty!
Excellent condition EH 185. Kept in storage from a 1940's music store and never used. A very clean amplifier for the age!
Side view.
Back view.
Original early 1940's flyer which promoted Dallas, Texas 'Virtuoso of the Guitar' and his 'Musical Novelties'. Although his instrument is claimed to be his own invention, he chose to amplify his music on a Gibson EH-185 amp!
Original Gibson shipping ledger provided by Lynn Wheelwright shows; EH-185 amp with serial #15930 was shipped to Grossman Music Co. in Cleveland, OH on 06Jul1940.
Base. Note the clean circular cork feet.
Inside top of the lid. Note the circular Geib seal attached to the left.
The brand Geib attached to the inside of the amplifier lid. This logo can also be found on mid-30's to early '40's Gibson cases.....which look like the outside of this amp.
Note the amp chasis in the photo is a bit different with the 3 inputs lined up on the top right and the on/off indicator light on the bottom left.
EH-185 has been printed over the original designation, EH-150.
Very clean, dust-free unit!
EH-185 AND EH-150 amplifiers. Note the newness of the EH-185....the EH-150 shows a bit of discoloration.
Original owner's instructions.
Note the EH-185 number was typed over the previously printed number 150.