Gibson 1918 Style J Mando Bass

Gibson 1918 Style J Mando-bass

Mando Bass Style J Accessories

Gibson Style J Mando Bass next to my Gibson EM-100. Just a little size difference. This Mando Bass entered my collection a couple of years ago mainly as a display piece. It has a rod inserted through the neck for a little extra support. Although, it is believed it can handle string tension, I will most likely enjoy its beauty by the fireplace. It is in great condition and is a great piece that projects a constant reminder of Gibson's earlier days. Some folks who visit this site like to see the inside/outside of these pieces, so here they are. Enjoy!

This original photo (found in a SoundingBoard Salesman) captures a Style J Mando Bass accompanying a Gibson grouping of mandocellos, mandolins and an early Style O.
Reverse-side. Gibson 1918 Style J Mando-Bass

Mando Bass Style J neck

Original tuners. Earlier tuners would have a dowel inserted as a post as in the double bass tuners pictured below.
These tuners are very similar to an early Gibson Style J's tuners. What sets these apart is the non-engraved plating.
Second style of Mando Bass tuners. Original to this piece.
Original photo featuring a mandolin orchestra. Gibson Mandolins, Harp Guitar, Mando-Cello, Style O Guitar and Mando-Bass complete this early photo.
75297 written in pencil, places this as a 1918 Mando Bass. If you stare hard enough at this label, the words MANDO BASS, in all caps, is vaguely stamped. Also, the 'J' designation is present.
Inside of the neck/body, one can see the rod that was inserted for support. F1046A is stamped on the neck block. Since reading material on the Mando Bass is scarce, it is difficult to determine what this number represents. Perhaps a FON.
Above is a large flyer printed on thick cardstock and a matching postcard advertising the Glee And Mandolin Clubs at the University of Oregon. The Mando Bass was not in production quite yet, but would soon become a welcome addition to orchestras.
Original Mando Bass bridge next to the celluloid end of the tailpiece.

Bridge, tailpiece and end-pin hole