Gibson Mona-Steel Strings

First appearing in 1937 Catalog Y, the 'Gibson String Cabinet' was available to retailers until its last appearance in 1942 Catalog BB.
Ad for free dealer string cabinet. 1942 Catalog BB.

For more info on Gibson Mona-Steel Strings, please visit Gibson Prewar Accessories.

Ad for Gibson dealers string cabinet. 1942 Catalog BB.

Very few prewar Gibson items mention 'Violins' in their advertisements. Gibson violins, violas, basses, and cellos were introduced in approximately 1939(photo on the back of 1939 Catalog AA) and produced until approximately 1943 or just up to the end of the war in 1945. There is little known about these instruments, but click on Gibson prewar violin and bass, 1939 Gibson bass, and 1940 Gibson viola to view these rare instruments and their corresponding advertisements.

Much like early 20th century American Folk Art, this Gibson cabinet was designed with hand-crafted letters hand-painted yellow. This would have created a beautiful statement in any music shop of that time period.
Back panel of the cabinet. Note the 3 hinges on the bottom enabling the back to swing open.
Back panel swinging open to present all of the Mona Steel Strings hidden inside of the cabinet.
Original 1930's Mona-Steel boxes and one Kalamazoo budget brand string box. Original black paper covering the back 5 slots.

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Prewar Gibson string price sheet glued to the back swinging panel.
Original 1930's Gibson Mona-Steel orange shipping container which contained 10 smaller Mona Steel boxes for the music store.
Original 1930's Gibson Mona-Steel 'short' orange shipping container which held 1/2 dozen Mona Steel boxes; pictured next to the larger container which fit 1 dozen boxes.
Late '30's-early '40's Gibson Mona-Steel brochures. To view more, just click the button below.

Quick view of the evolution of Gibson Mona Steel shipping containers. Gibson brand Mona Steel Brand strings (derived from monel steel) began in the early '30's. There is more history available in Gibson Prewar Accessories. But for now, just a quick view of box designs from the 30's-70's.

Bottom left, Mona-Steel box design from early '30's-early '40's. Bottom rt, box design late '40's-50's. Top box design 60's-70's.
1970's retailer string cabinet. Quite a bit different from the 1930's cabinet.
1930's Gibson Mona-Steel cabinet and 1970's Gibson Mona Steel cabinet.
Back-side of 1970's vintage Gibson string cabinet.